Alumni at LCA. The Life Christian Academy Alumni Association was formed to serve our alumni and the community by providing relational and meaningful opportunities to support Life Christian Academy and the school. Events include the Life Christian Academy Class Golf Tournament, Pre-Graduation and other Socials, and Homecoming Bar-b-Que. There is also the December Basketball Reception/Game, other Alumni Social Events, and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony  (nominate someone today). These associations have seemingly been around for…well, forever. But when did they really first start? And how did they first come about? After exploring the history of these associations, it appears they didn’t just magically sprout up, but have evolved over time. Plus, as event planners, it helps to look behind at where we’ve been to see where we’re going in the future!

To learn more: History of Alumni Associations

The current board includes:

  • Emily Schimon Holden – President
  • Mark Roddy – Vice President
  • Kyle McPherson – Treasurer
  • Stephanie Tyler Findley – Secretary

  • Lucy Bouffiou
  • Brittany Cooley
  • Alex Henning
  • Josh Jacobsen
  • Jared Lovrak

Alumni Association events include the sponsorship of:

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