Headmasters Welcome

Welcome to LCA,

What an exciting opportunity for us to share our school, student body, faculty and staff, academic efforts, spiritual life, and programs with you. As the founding head of Life Christian Academy, it is my honor to share what God has done to create, shape, and build His school for students and families desiring a quality Christian schooling experience.

I want to encourage you to prayerfully consider our “flywheel” approach to outcomes for our students.  The flywheel, when well balanced and aligned, provides continuous impetus to student life as an Eagle.  The impetus and outcomes are:

  • Spiritual life
  • Academic rigor
  • Programs to enhance student life
  • Leadership development
  • Outreach to serve and impact

Our mission, our reason for being at LCA, is to “create revolutionary world changers who will invite others to love and follow Jesus”.  This is a short term and long term commitment to bring all that God would desire for each student. The keys to a quality school of diversity includes a strong faculty with a vibrant learning community of enthusiastic, engaged students.  We are blessed to be in a season of growth of quality and quantity.  If your desire is to soar with the Eagles, then I encourage you to prayerfully pursue God’s direction for your life, and know that we will be here to assist in every way possible!

Developing great minds and strong hearts,

Ross Hjelseth
Life Christian Academy


Ross Hjelseth