You can make a difference… in the life of a child… in your community… in our world. Invest in the students of Life Christian Academy!

We are profoundly grateful to the people, families, businesses and organizations who support the life-changing, world-changing preparation that happens daily at Life Christian Academy. There are a number of means by which friends of LCA may give to make a difference in the lives of our students. These include our Annual Fund, our Dreams Auction, the LCA Golf Classic, missions trip support, restricted gifts for designated purposes, and endowment gifts that are invested by our Life Christian Academy Education Foundation.

We thank God for His provision of people who love and support His work at Life Christian Academy. We advance as a school because of those who give to our mission.

2017 Playground Project

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity to provide a new and improved covered playground for your students. We value your participation and are excited to provide this enhanced playground for all Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten through 5th grade students. Learn more by downloading the informational flyer to the right.

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Where Can I Make a Difference?

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

One in three students receive some form of tuition assistance.
Fine Arts

Fine Arts

One in three students receive some form of tuition assistance.


Tuition does not cover the costs of a growing, competitive athletic program. To stay competitive we need help with purchases and coaches stipends.


We are committed to integrating technology into every child’s daily experience – computers in every classroom, standardization of desktop tools and accessible laptops. Specialized hi-tech equipment for our biology and science labs are next on our list!
Community Service Outreach & Missions

Community Service Outreach & Missions

Our seniors are planning a mission trip to Mexico and are raising travel funds and money to support a ministry.

LCA raises funds each year to support our students.

Our school believes in providing support to build a diverse student body at all school levels. Scholarships and tuition assistance are a significant part of accomplishing that goal.

  • Annual Fund
  • Dreams Auction Family and Gala Events
  • Life Christian Classic Golf Tournament

In addition, Life Christian Academy is committed to continuous advancement of our mission. Innovative programs such as our L.I.F.E. (Learning Is For Everyone) Program, Math and Science Institute, and school-wide technology integration are all possible because of giving support from our school families, grandparents, foundations, and our community. As God gives our leaders a vision to advance for our students, we believe He will also provide the funds through the gifts from His people. Please contact the Office of Advancement at 253.756.2462 if you would like to learn more about directed donations and/or scholarship endowments.

Life Christian Foundation


Securing the Future

The Life Christian Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to provide a perpetual source of revenue that supports Life Center and Life Christian Academy. The specific purpose of the foundation is to provide funds to support scholarships, and programs through endowment investment proceeds. The foundation accepts, manages, and invests gifts of property, securities, life insurance, bequests, cash, and other forms of contributions.


Endowment funds are designed to protect the donors fair market value of the gift and permanently appropriated to the fund. The resources are invested through our partner investment firm, Strategic Capital Assets of Gig Harbor, Washington. The asset value of each endowment fund is protected by the Life Christian Foundation Foundation policy whereby up to 5% of the asset value may be spent in a given fiscal year. This policy allows for the opportunity for the continual growth of the fund and a continued return on investment-thus extending the life of the endowment fund. Each endowment fund is established with a fund agreement between the donor and the foundation. The donor establishes the purpose of the endowment and the fund agreement establishes the criteria under which decisions are made for the use of the fund proceeds.


All donations and gifts are tax deductible. Additionally, certain gifts such as charitable remainder trusts, may qualify for the foundation to be the recipient of income or as the beneficiary of the trust, and thus provide excellent tax deferred incentives. Gifts of cash, stock, real estate, and personal property of value all qualify for tax deductions. Capital Planning Incorporated is a partnering firm that assists families with the formation of the family legacy giving plans. This important service includes the creation of an estate plan, a planned gift, and the legal counsel to complete the process.

The Life Christian Foundation Board oversees the policy and provisions for the endowment funds. The current board consists of:

  • Colin Dilley
  • Don Gustafson
  • Tom Mulledy
  • Kathleen Olson
  • Ed Ramos
  • Doug Saugen
  • Marty Stair
  • Doug Tufts
  • Cheryl Werner

For any information regarding the Life Christian Foundation, please contact the Office of Advancement at 253.756.2462. The foundation board meets approximately six times per year, and has its annual meeting in April of each year.

School programs in need of additional endowment support include:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Math and Science Institute
  • L.I.F.E. Program
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics
  • Faculty Chair Positions
  • Faculty Salary Provisions
  • Technology